Formula 1 Sharks

Danny Fitch 242 pound Blue Shark

In the space of one incredible fortnight during July 2016, three potential British and two Welsh shark records were broken. I say potential because while there is absolutely no doubt about the authenticity off the three fish concerned, no records were claimed, and nor could they be, having been released after taking measurements for weight estimation in the case of the two boat caught fish. The biggest, a 368 pound Thresher Shark caught by Nick Lane, plus a 242 pound Blue Shark taken by Danny Fitch, were both disqualified through release by angler choice, and well done to both anglers and their respective charter boat skippers Daniel Hawkins and Andrew Alsop for doing that.

The third shark, a shore caught Porbeagle which would have been a record at any weight above the ridiculous British Record Fish Committee (BRFC) qualifying weight of 40 pounds which this fish clearly well bettered, was legally prevented from being brought to the scales even had captors Mark Turner and Simon Shaw wanted to, which again they didn't, all of which speaks volumes about some of the antiquated head burying dinosaurial thinking by some, though I stress not all of the people sitting on the BRFC today.

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A video documented case of the loss of one of the top high water fisheries in the north-west of England. Despite plea's, meetings and promises by Wyre Borough Council and their contractors, when the heavy machinery moved in, all hope of high water and disabled access fishing went down the pan along a good length of the Rossall shoreline.

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